Pavel Borecký is a visual anthropologist and a co-founder of an award-winning anthropological research organization Anthropictures, holder of MSc in Sustainable Development and MA in Social Anthropology (Audiovisual Ethnography). He carried out fieldworks in Serbia, Peru, Czech Republic and Estonia focusing on visual ethnobotany, community building and urban placemaking in post-socialist context.
Currently, he has completed MA studies at School of Humanities + Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn and has been granted a PhD position at Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Bern, as an awardee of Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship. Among others, he continues to collaborate with Estonian Urban Laboratory and Vita Pictura Productions.


Empowering Spaces (2015)
The five audiovisual portraits revealing the obscure life of empty spaces in Tallinn attempt to question their current existence and imminent future.

Memorial (2014)
A short observational portrait of a place in decay and a space of transition – Tallinn memorial of chess player Paul Keres, Estonian sportsman of the century.

Turning Seventeen (2013)
A short ethnographic movie on coming-of-age of a young Romani girl living in a small town Zlutice.

Traditional knowledge of Asheninka people (2011)
An experimental series of Visual Ethnobotany videos shot as a part of Peruvian research expedition.

Gaj (2009)
A short ethnographic mosaic on life of Czech community in Serbian village.