"It disturbs the senses. It sharpens your hearing and even annoys it. It makes you want to see the sunlight. It takes you someplace where you start begin to think you should not be, although it is the exact same ‘non-place’ you have visited numerous times. It gives you the feeling of Samuel Becket’s ‘Endgame’ – there is nothing beyond these four walls and you will have to bear witness."
"Overall, I am not sure whether the film amounts to a social critique. But I know that it opens up a path for a new type of social critique. We all know that capitalism is wrong. There is a myriad of documentaries about it. I am not sure, however, that we all feel it – that we have sensed how unmundane it is and how terrifying its intestines can be."
Solaris - review (ENG)
Urbanities Journal - Vol. 6, No. 2, November 2016
Delyan Lyutskanov, social anthropologist
"Solaris explores reality hidden behind the postsocialist euphoria of consumerism. In the film it materializes as an empty shopping mall appearing out of human consciousness, near future, or, even, different planetary system."
"Pavel Borecky's film emphasizes the interconnectedness of body and senses in our perception, representation and comprehension of the world. Experiential and corporeal cognition of the place thus becomes the essential principle of the film."
Solaris - review (SK)
Speculum Journal - 1/2015
Jaroslava Panakova, social anthropologist and filmmaker 
„Solaris is about a shopping mall dreaming of humans while being beyond them. However, it is not really a dream that the people can recognize, although it is filmed by what seems to be a person."
Soundscape in the Anthropology of Science and Art
Stefan Helmreich, MIT, author of "Alien Ocean: Anthropological Voyages in Microbial Seas"
"Sensory ethnography approach opens up door to imagination while attacking deeply rooted conventions of representation."
Empathy, Aesthetics, Ethnofilm: Current Czech Visual Ethnography (CZ)
A2 - 2/2015
Michal Pavlasek, ethnologist
"It joins together visual, audial, smell and even tactile. The movie is environment which actively influences all our senses."
Andri Ksenofontov, architect
"Author is dividing space into tiny cubicles as an organs in human body. All with its own life."
Khaled Sari, documentary filmmaker
"Lines are blurred between the people and the building. Building is alive, not alive. People are alive, yet kind of mechanically, regulated by the building."
Oliver Thorne, philosopher