Sound Designer


Kevin Molloy is an aspiring audiovisual anthropologist, a musician, filmmaker and holder of a BA in Music Technology and Anthropology. He is currently undertaking an MA, dealing with creativity in Social Anthropology at the Estonian School of Humanities and Baltic Film & Media School.
As a sound artist, he manoeuvres between natural acoustic environments, multi-media technology, film production, soundscapes, live performances and installations. He has conducted fieldwork throughout Ireland and Estonia focusing on ethnomusicology, sensory anthropology, creativity, autoethnography, empathy and the art of struggle.


Empowering Spaces (2015) as Sound Designer
Five audiovisual portraits revealing the obscure life of empty spaces in Tallinn, in an attempt to question their current existence and imminent future.

The Vehicle of Myth (2015)
"The Vehicle Of Myth is a beautiful and mysterious work that speaks of those everyday places that we don’t recognise until we see them with new eyes."
Sleepwalkers International Film Festival

"The Estonian film 'The Vehicle of Myth' by Kevin Molloy is a visually and sonically convincing experiment stirring our senses and imagination. While watching this, are we witness to an ending or a new beginning?"
Kino Otok: Isola Cinema International Film Festival